List of surprising free tools to do incredible stuff

Here I will gather a list of surprising free services that sometimes you can use to do something really useful. This list is work in progress. service let you generate a face based on your preferences (sex, age, hair color, …). The photos are generated using Artificial Intelligence. I can imagine that this service might be useful if we want to present different faces on the website or in the presentation, and we don’t have time to search for photos and buy licenses for each photo separately.

if you ever dreamed to start a 3D project you can do it in couple of minutes with Mozilla service available in your browser. I will definitely keep this service in mind if I ever need to prepare a small 3D picture for one of my presentation.

AI Gahaku

Free website ( where you can generate a masterpiece version of your face photo. You can use it to generate a photo that you can put on your Linkedin, Facebook or any other social service.

To download a masterpiece edition of you, upload a face photo (you or somebody else) and select from a variety of painting styles.

source : AI Gahaku

Image translation

Draw a cat with line and this service will automatically generate a photo representation.

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